Company Profile

Green Carbon

The project is envisaged to be a state-of-the-art plant in the Shuaiba Industrial Area of Kuwait to utilize CO2 emitted by the Ethylene Glycol (EG) unit of Equate Petrochemical Company. The Company has a sales agreement with Equate for the delivery of CO2 . The CO2 will be processed into industrial and food grade gas for supply to various industrial and medical users for uses such as for beverage production, freezing applications etc. The construction phase is expected to be completed in mid 2020.

Project Concept & Background

Phase one of our project is being set-up to establish a CO2 processing plant for industrial and commercial customers. The plant will process CO2 currently being emitted by the oil refineries and petrochemical units, and is envisaged as among the first in the region to utilize CO2 generated as by- product of refinery/ petrochemical unit operations for processing into industrial and food grade CO2 in an economic manner. The project has significant environmental benefits as the CO2 (one of the greenhouse gases) that is currently released into the atmosphere is being converted for use across numerous and increasingly growing set of applications across various segments. While the initial capacity of the plant is envisaged to be 600 Mtpd, there is a strong possibility of increasing this in Phase 2 to over 5,000 MTPD at the next stage, making it the largest CO2 recovery and processing plant in the Men Region. The envisaged project is expected to be implemented in two phases.

Technology Tie-Ups & Partners